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Colours Of India -Art Council

At Colours of India -

Our mission is to promote artisans ,Indian culture through celebration of festivals, Art work, encourage the Indian Diaspora to continue engaging in the ethnic and cultural activities, and an introduction to the next generation to Indian Arts and Culture.

Its a platform for Indian Diaspora artist, dancers, singers and chefs to showcase their talents.

We engage the community to contribute their creative ideas through the medium of their performances, designs paintings, poetry, songs & dance and various cuisines.

Engaging Youth with Seniors .Advocacy for Youth and Mental Health .

Celebrating Indian community leadership and their work in Canada.


Colours of India company is a Social Enterprise that produces Shows, Events, in collabration with Community Leaders NGOs and Charity to bring forward various talents in people through their creative expressions, engaging them in the ethnic community, encouraging cross culturalism and empowerment of families, women, youth, and Senior to integrate into Canadian life 


Under our banner we have several programs shows and events that showcase the Diversity in India and educate Canadians about our heritage .

In Face of India we bring limelight on leaders in the community from politics , community leaders, NGO founders, social workers that lead the community.

Greetings in Indian Way!


Founder and Creative Director

Our Mission & Vision

An opportunity for business to support the community as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility and help grow engagement of community cultural and art. We encourage new talents to participate in field of singing, art dancing, music and give them a platform for performing and showcasing their talents. We promote the artist in categories of dancers, singers, chef painters by giving a platform to showcase their talent in our Colours of India Shows. In Face of India we bring limelight on leaders in community from politics, community leaders, NGO founders, social worker that lead the community. In Cuisines of India we showcase variety of cooking styles of India. Business Membership - An opportunity for Indian Business in Canada to Sponsor, Exhibit and Advertise with Colours of India.



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Our Programs

Programs For Community Engagement .

Face Of India

Recognizes the Community Leaders of Indian Diaspora that create an impact and bring in the change through Social Services,Politics Business Innovation and Artist.

Life Of Dance

Unity in Diversity and Culture celebrating Life of Dance bringing all dance forms together in Life of Dance.


Empowerment and Engagement for youth in Leadership and Business Innovation.

Happy Beings - Normalizing Mental Health

Bringing the change in Mental Health through Creative Arts .

Vibrant Durham

Diversity , Equity and Inclusion.

We create brands that impact community development and bring in social change to the community.
Building brands that give back to the community be it for-profit, not-for-profit or charity.
Our Advisory Board of Directors has established business entrepreneurs that seek community advisory position. We build Artist portfolio and create brand for Artist work.
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