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Colours of India connects the Indian Diaspora through the celebration of  Culture Day, Arts, and Literary Festivals by bringing diverse  Communities under one big umbrella.

At our Social Enterprise, we focus on life skill development for youth and women.

Our line of products are designed and created by Indian artisans.

Our CICL programs are for  Youth Engagement, Senior Rights, Intergenerational Relationships, Mental Health,  and Women Empowerment.

At United Colours of India, we showcase the arts and heritage of various states bringing diverse communities to present their creative talent on stage .

Our mission at UCOI Culture Day is to promote Indian artists,  dancers, singers, and chefs to showcase their talents internationally and build Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement.



Founder and Creative Director

Nitin Thorve




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Colours of India

India is a vibrant and culturally diverse country known for its rich tapestry of colors. Here are so

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture and design principles that are believed
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