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Anjali Thorve

Founder & Creative Director

Nitin Thorve

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Vinod Patel

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Our Mission & Vision

An opportunity for businesses to support the community as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility and help grow the engagement of the community in cultural and art projects. We encourage new talents to participate in singing, Art display, dancing, and music and give them a platform for performing and showcasing their talents at the show.
We promote the artist in categories of dancers, singers, and chef painters by giving them a platform to showcase their talent in our Colours of India Shows.

The face of India we bring limelight on leaders in the community from politics, community leaders, NGO founders, and social workers lead the community. In Cuisines of India, we showcase a variety of cooking styles of India.

Business Membership  An opportunity for Indian Businesses in Canada to Sponsor, Exhibit, and Advertise with the Colours of India.

Community Membership Travel & Show discounts.

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Branding with a purpose

Fashion Designers , Painters , Jewelry Designers

Brands that give back to the Community

We create brands that impact community development and bring in social change to the community.
Building brands that give back to the community be it for-profit, not-for-profit or charity.
Our Advisory Board of Directors has established business entrepreneurs that seek community advisory position. We build Artist portfolio and create brand for Artist work.

Giving Back to the Community

Brands That Give .

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